Wednesday, 19 December 2012

santa stole my lady

Now is the time of year that we all have the same old seasonal songs, which don't get me wrong, everyone loves a bit of Wham's Last Christmas! There are some crackers (excuse the pun), but it wouldn’t hurt to have something different now and again.

So I thought I'd you my alternative Christmas song! Santa Stole My Lady by the ever funky Fitz & the Tantrums may not seem very jolly, but then you listen to it.

Let me know what you think!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

to tan or not to tan?

Is there such a thing as too much? Is 'too much' Katie Price or has she set the standard we should all be aiming for? In this sudden new beauty revival, seemingly obsessed with tanning, is there really such a thing as pale and beautiful? When we say 'oh I just love her porcelain skin' do we really mean 'she needs to get busy with St Tropez?'. 

Yesterday, I had my first experience of spray tanning. My friend is on the dance team for uni and had to go and get it done, I decided to accompany her to avoid doing some dissertation work (no intention of getting it done myself). Once there, I figured why not. A mistake. My hands and feet are like little, brown bear paws and, compared to my skin, and my teeth look radioactively white. In future, I think I'll stick to tinted gradual tan lotion.

It's interesting to see the shift in fake tan acceptance. I remember a couple of years ago, there was still a touch of embarrassment about using fake tan. Magazines regularly used to mock celebs for using fake tan and seemed to revel in drawing big red circles around their dodgy orange application mistakes (oh, they actually still love doing that).

Perhaps the best and most recent example of tan acceptance is the big, fat, royal wedding. Pippa and Kate Middleton had clearly both been at it - either they had just come back from a month in Mauritius or they had recently had an experience of paper pants (probably designed by Sarah Burton). I reckon it's the latter. Their tans were just too even to be real and Kate would have surely been concerned about bikini lines. So it's safe to say that if the future Queen of England feels happy to walk down the aisle dipped in the brown stuff it is officially nationally accepted.

But the question still remains, how much can we get away with? I would love to hear your thoughts...and also, who do you think has the perfect tan? Perma-tan, natural glow or pale and interesting? Christine Bleakley vs. Cate Blanchett? Alexa Chung vs. Alex Jones?


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

mini haul

Moved back to uni early to do some research for my dissertation before term starts. Treated myself to a few bits in town, before my poverty-stricken student life starts up again.

new look - £10.99
new look - £19.99

h&m - £10
primark - £2

Sunday, 2 September 2012

passion for fashion

CASUAL - coat (river island), top (topshop), leggings (new look), bag (cambridge satchel), shoes (topshop),
casio (ebay) = £194.48

I chose a clearance satchel bag to keep costs down, but I think a bit of messy stitching would add to its character. I had to include the firm festival favourite of the 'khaki green canvas, biker-style jacket with leather sleeves'. I love it! It is one of those rare pieces that goes with everything, affordable and can be worn in any season.

FIRST DATE - blazer (topshop), top (topshop), trousers (topshop), shoes (new look), clutch (asos), casio (ebay) = £195.48

I'd like to think this a 'ready' date outfit in the evening. If you've got no idea where he's taking you, a meal or cocktail bar, it's ready for both, you can always swap the heels last minute to go for comfort! All you need to add is a bit of lippy and a dab of smelly. I adore the trousers!  You can also wear them with brogues for work, sandals in the park, and court shoes for afternoon tea with your nan. Perfect for all seasons. Bargain.

OFFICE - shirt (topshop), blazer (topshop), trousers (zara), shoes (new look), casio (ebay) = £157.48

Chiffon and lace shirt + high heels = executive glam rock. I love the shirt! It gives a nice feminine touch, and could be dressed up or down.

OUTDOORS - casio (ebay), tee (etsy), leggings (topshop), hunters (amazon), bag (cambridge satchel) = £158.18

The problem with 'crazzzyyy' leggings is that they can make you look like you are trying to be 'crazzzzyyy'. The look should actually be as nonchalant as possible - a bit like Kate Moss' just-got-out-of-bed hair that is clearly very considered. This is where a simple tee and wellies come in handy. Geronimo. I'd wear this taking my dog for a walk along the shingly beach and stopping off on the way back for some sherbet lemons at the corner shop.

PARTY - top (topshop), shoes (zara), clutch (asos), skirt (zara) = £177.98

Really debated over this skirt. Wasn't sure if I should include something I wasn't on 100% on myself with you guys, it might just be one of those 'fun' things in your wardrobe that never sees the light of day. However, I went with it, I think it was the cost (£79.99) that put me off but hypothetically on this challenge I had £200 for each outfit. I like the clash of prints of the clutch and skirt, and textures of the velvet, chiffon and lace.

All the info here >> competition

Love to see your outfit ideas, so link yours in a comment, if you do one :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

learning something new

Today, I learnt that if you are steaming a bunch of veg & a smoked salmon fillet, put the salmon on the bottom pan and Hey Presto the veggies taste a little bit smokey - in a lovely tasty way, not an old pub way.
This significantly cheered up my quite boring carb-free lunch (I was saving calorie tokens for an amazing pizza after watching Magic Mike - oh Channing Tatum.....).
That's it. Short and sweet. Won't change the world but will change lunch.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

put your hair up

Today, I had a few couple of inches off my hair. It's not quite the haircut of the moment - I'll leave that to Emma Watson and her nymphy bone structure - but it is liberating to visit 'shorter'. I did actually just go in for a tidy-up but I was subject to our friend the feisty fingered hairdresser.
I am terrified of hairdressers for the following reasons:
a) I like to stay silent during a haircut. Chatting about my holidays during this process always just feels a bit awkward.
2) They are just so hideously expensive considering you can't get your money back if you don't like it or it doesn't suit you.
3) I must have EXPERIMENT written on my forehead. When I say " just a teeny tiny tidy-up, nothing drastic", they hear "Go For It bad boy, chop it like it's hot."
Whatsmore, long hair, whilst looking lovely, can be a real pain in the bum. It's a little like fishtail dresses. Not convenient. One of my favourite moments in any film happens at the end of Aliens. After 50 minutes of running about like a loon, Sigourney Weaver realises that things have gone pear shaped and it's 10,000 aliens vs. her. What's the first thing she does? She puts up her hair. Yes, that's right - she doesn't say anything heroic, or reach for a gun, or stare at a photo of her loved one - she puts her hair up. Of course she does - if you've got to annihilate an entire species of giant ants, you don't want your wavy locks flapping in your face. What if it got caught in your AK47? 
Which brings me to girls in the gym who work-out with their hair down. Firstly, doesn't it get unbearably wet and sweaty? Not only does it absorb the unavoidable sweat but, when it dangles behind you, it also gathers your back sweat - nice. And it must be icky if it falls in the wrong way and sticks across your face. So, practically, there doesn't seem to be any reason at all to wear hair down at the gym.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

miranda kerr

surprisingly good

I think, generally speaking, high waisted trousers make me look like I live under a bridge. But actually these Topshop trousers are surprisingly flattering.
They were £15 in the sale and can be worn with almost every shoe known to man - brogues for work, heels and a white t-shirt for going out on the razz, flipflips for the park and court shoes for tea with the Nan. Great for summer, autumn and winter. Bargain.

Monday, 9 July 2012

one hundred pound asos challenge

Bored with whole wardrobe + pretty belt = PROBLEM JOYFULLY SOLVED

Recently I've seen a few of my favourite bloggers creating beautiful looks for the ASOS £100 challenge so I thought I'd try my hand at putting together an outfit for a summer's day in the park for under £100 too. I'm not a patterns or bright colours kinda girl but I like adding a hint of colour through a simple belt.
Suddenly you get a shooshed up dress! Magical.
Today's lesson: never underestimate the power of The Accessory!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

chanel - paris couture week

Such a stylish couple! Recently in a interview, Diane Kruger openly said she often just 'forgets to eat' and that is how she maintains her trim figure, not the best advice I've ever heard!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Friday, 8 June 2012

ruby aldridge

I normally hate kitten heels with a passion, but these I'll let slide.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

bonnie wright

The shoes just don't look right. I can't decide whether it's an interesting outfit or just a complete mismatch. What do you think?

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

cheryl cole

I think she looks simply stunning. Understated elegance.
Peach and white gown by Victoria Beckham.

On the other hand, did you see what Cameron Diaz was wearing? Frumpy.

(Don't forget the mini Topshop giveaway!)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

sexy and i know it

I didn't actually like this song before. What do you guys think?

sixties siren

Absolutely adore this. The style of a Sixties supermodel.
Ashlee Simpson looks incredibly chic in this white crochet shift dress with high neck and short sleeves. 
Enviable legs.