Monday, 6 August 2012

learning something new

Today, I learnt that if you are steaming a bunch of veg & a smoked salmon fillet, put the salmon on the bottom pan and Hey Presto the veggies taste a little bit smokey - in a lovely tasty way, not an old pub way.
This significantly cheered up my quite boring carb-free lunch (I was saving calorie tokens for an amazing pizza after watching Magic Mike - oh Channing Tatum.....).
That's it. Short and sweet. Won't change the world but will change lunch.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

put your hair up

Today, I had a few couple of inches off my hair. It's not quite the haircut of the moment - I'll leave that to Emma Watson and her nymphy bone structure - but it is liberating to visit 'shorter'. I did actually just go in for a tidy-up but I was subject to our friend the feisty fingered hairdresser.
I am terrified of hairdressers for the following reasons:
a) I like to stay silent during a haircut. Chatting about my holidays during this process always just feels a bit awkward.
2) They are just so hideously expensive considering you can't get your money back if you don't like it or it doesn't suit you.
3) I must have EXPERIMENT written on my forehead. When I say " just a teeny tiny tidy-up, nothing drastic", they hear "Go For It bad boy, chop it like it's hot."
Whatsmore, long hair, whilst looking lovely, can be a real pain in the bum. It's a little like fishtail dresses. Not convenient. One of my favourite moments in any film happens at the end of Aliens. After 50 minutes of running about like a loon, Sigourney Weaver realises that things have gone pear shaped and it's 10,000 aliens vs. her. What's the first thing she does? She puts up her hair. Yes, that's right - she doesn't say anything heroic, or reach for a gun, or stare at a photo of her loved one - she puts her hair up. Of course she does - if you've got to annihilate an entire species of giant ants, you don't want your wavy locks flapping in your face. What if it got caught in your AK47? 
Which brings me to girls in the gym who work-out with their hair down. Firstly, doesn't it get unbearably wet and sweaty? Not only does it absorb the unavoidable sweat but, when it dangles behind you, it also gathers your back sweat - nice. And it must be icky if it falls in the wrong way and sticks across your face. So, practically, there doesn't seem to be any reason at all to wear hair down at the gym.