Sunday, 7 April 2013


So, it's that important time of year. Dress shopping!

Now I've got my Graduation Ball coming up, but I know there will be lots of Balls and Proms coming up this time of year, so I thought I'd show my favourite dresses of the the moment. I personally the favour the 'to the floor' dress, but I'll pop in some short little numbers too!

Miss Selfridge - 3D Sweetheart Prom Dress £65
Virgos Lounge - Caroline Dress £99
Topshop - Clean T-Shirt Maxi Dress £58
River Island - Grey Georgia Hardinge Printed Dress £80
TFNC - Black Maxi Dress with Lace Back and Fishtail £58
Lipsy VIP - Red Embellished Ruched Top Maxi Dress £130
Lipsy VIP - Shaped Detail Prom Dress £110
Virgos Lounge - Raina Dress £95
Topshop - Limited Edition Strappy Cobalt Maxi Dress £175
Virgos Lounge - Giselle Mint Dress £85
Topshop - Delicate Organza Prom Dress £65
H&M - Conscious Exclusive Long Dress with Bare Back £34.99
H&M - Conscious Exclusive Tulle Dress £149.99
ASOS - Lipsy Sequin Top Maxi Dress £75

1 comment:

  1. Love your picks!
    So annoyed the H&M collection sold out so quickly!