Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Had my haircut the other day. I am terrified of hairdressers for the following reasons:

a) I like to remain almost entirely silent during a haircut. The minute anyone touches my head I go into a delicious trance. Chatting about my holidays during this process is like being asked to anaylse a spreadsheet during sex.

2) They are just so hideously expensive considering you can't get your money back (I am just not balsy enough to make a fuss - it's sometimes easier just to run away and wail in a corner)

3) I must have EXPERIMENT written on my forehead. When I say "seriously, just a tiny tiny tidy-up, nothing drastic", they hear "Go For It bad boy, chop it like it's hot."

So I was more than pleasantly surprised to get a haircut that was both relaxingly silent and also utterly undramatic.

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